Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poem from CSW

I was late for class the other day. Right after I settled in, I received a text from CSW asking to tell more about me. I was taken by surprise and just told him to write what he knows of me. So here goes, a poem by my talented friend :p ...

it was a dead dark night ,rain was pouring ,
the road was slippery and do you remember the bang which brings us together ?

a dented car in result ,
you came out from your vehicle ,
came out 3 of us , of which my bro , nic and i ,
that was a night to remember .

i remember the day i first saw you at college ,
you are one in a million ,
a kind hearted and yet ferocious ,
that is what i remember you .

February 24 at 10:09pm

Thanks man. Keep it coming!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NAMAS is Back!

Hell o Bloggie.

No, I don't come to you only when i'm upset. Don't be hatin'.
So yea, here i am, rock u like a hurricane!

Yep, IT's OVER. Yet AGAIN. I don't know what, why or how it happened. Never saw it comin'. But yeah, it's done for good.

Do YOU believe that everything happens for a reason? I believe, so or least I think so. Seeing him happy, celebrating others, lighting candles for somebody, sitting next to another gender, taking pics, going for movies, holding hands with girls, and God knows whatever else he's done, THAT STINKS but hey who am I to say, we're just friends now. Good on you, buddy, be happy.

I don't know why but everytime i see such pics, it feels like some elephant sit on my tiny heart, literally.Which in real life would be fatal or causing sudden death.Crazy heart. Such feelings please go away and never return! NOT being informed, missing out on things, events SUCK. NOT getting texts BURNS. NOT receiving handmade, stuff with love and NOT hanging out as often is a BITCH. Well, need to get used to all those. Somebody help me? Nah uh, I'll take care of that myself. Thanks anyways!

This is what I look like after crying :P

and I think i know the cause of the stye on my left eye. hahahaha maybe i should stop doing it. Noted God!

to THOSE who actually gives a damn bout me and read my every post,
God Bless YOU.
♥ Azhani