Friday, October 29, 2010

More Exams? For A Job.

The number of/details about the exams


"Take learning as a fun thing to do, a beautiful journey NOT a chore or a burden"
My OB lecturer's take on education.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wooh Fierce Predictions.

I don't believe in astrology but I love reading it for fun.
This particular one has a nice take to it.
Hence, this post ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Never My Intention To Brag.

PARAMORE Live in Malaysia 191010

The best concert yet. We queued outside at 4pm, entered the stadium at about 7.15, got into the 6th row filled with a bunch of stuck up college kids. Show started at 8ish, squeezed our way through right after the opening act. Managed to hustle to the front row. Ngeheh. Enjoyed the show very much.

Souvenirs from the concert :
(a) insults , curses and backmouthing from those stuck up kids
(b) bruises on our legs and hands
(c) my chest hurts still from squeezing, leaning, pushing through to the front
(d) guitar pick!
(e) sweet sweet memories.

Made friends with some of the fans. I remember pushing a few guys who are much bigger than i am, taught a dude who came alone to the concert how to secure the front spot but he ended up standing behind of me throughout the show. He even asked whether if it's alright to lean his head on my shoulder cause he was tired/couldn't breathe or something like that. Said do what you have to dude, it's cool. Met a few familiar faces from school. Juniors mostly, Adlina, Irfaan and I don't remember his name, let's just call him cute nerd. And stupid Oliver was there too.

Syaz & Mil are such awesome concert buds.

More to come, God Willing. Cheers!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back To School!

My Beautiful Chest X-Ray

Handbook, Freebie & Confirmation Letter.

Believe it or not, am going to Graduate School.

Please Allah, let this be a smooth sailing journey.
Protect me from all the bad and evil & Provide me with strengths and guidance.


Spot On.