Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get Married?

Sometime last week, during breaktime.......

Anon : "You shouldn't be here, you should find someone, get married and live happily."
Me : "Errr excuse me?"
This is the second time I was asked whether if I had a boyfriend/spouse/someone.
It was rather weird. This person is somewhat old, er much older than I am, I think.
Someone I got to know just recently and somewhat earned my respect not by choice.
Me : "I am too young for that shit and definitely not ready."
Anon : "Why not?"
Me : "Again am only 22. I haven't lived yet. I mean not lived long enough to experience that yet and am not here to look for a potential husband."
Anon : "Ahh it's either you are ambitious or you've had bad experience"
Me : "The latter."
Anon : "No wonder."
Me : "How'd you figure? "
Anon : "I teach ** maaa, of course I know"
I laughed cynically and continued with doing my work.
One of the weirdest conversation I've ever had with somebody of such position.
I guess that person meant no harm.
But why was I asked such questions, do I appear desperate/like i don't belong in the group?
Who Cares.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I gave you everything, but it just wasn't enough, to make you stay

You said you'd give me time and space again

I asked to see you everyday

Now I'm waiting four years just to feel your touch, waiting four whole years to say how much I care

The flowers I gave you, died, lost and been thrown away, just like me

Life has passed me by, reflected in my eye

Never again will I have you beside me, you to be there

The years behind cost more than I'll ever have,

More than I’ll ever have,

More than I will ever have

Now I'm waiting four years just to hear your voice, waiting four whole years to lie right by your side

I waited all this time, just to see hear your voice

I waited all this time to say how much I care.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The system in mmu is such everything is online. I was exposed with similar system in Inti but then it wasn't so much dependent on it solely. Still adjusting myself to get used to checking the system frequently so I don't miss out on any detail. I used to have Reshveen printing every notes, cases, outlines. Now it's all on me.

MMU is very different. The campus is bigger in size, the people are somewhat more diverse than at Inti Subang. I get weird expressions and comments here from random individuals and coursemates. They're not cynical or degrading comments, just compliments and disbelief remarks.

Living away from home is a bitch. No home cooked food on weekdays. In a different light, am grateful that I don't have to stay at the hostel and the pad we're renting is cosy.

My Sis and I, we have been actively going for netball practice. Our only outdoor activity for now. Aside from swimming for Syaz.

More updates soon!

This Saturday will be the day i sit for my PTD exam. Hope everything will go smoothly. Especially with Math & History questions!