Friday, January 21, 2011

I Feel Like Blogging!

I had class last Wednesday, It was from 9am-12pm then 5pm-9pm. Had Mc'D for breakfast.
During the lunchbreak, I had gone to Domino's in CJ to get some bites. I'd rather do a take out when am alone. Usually I would go for rice, soup and alike if Syaz is around. So then I ordered my food, the server took a rather long time to key in my order, guess he was a new staff there. Paid for the pizza and sat for a bit. A lady in green kurung was already there waiting for her food as well. While I was pulling a chair, I smiled at her and didn't expect that she would say Hi. I replied awkwardly, with an uhm Hey. Then there was a pause. I was looking at my phone texting a friend, when I was done with it and put my phone away, she continued with a query. "So, girl are you a local?". I smirked unknowingly. Said, yes I am. She smiled and said you don't look like one, I asked why'd she say so. "It's the nose, looks like an Arab". Ahh a tanned arab? She just laughed softly. Am bad with starting/continuing conversations with strangers. It'll take me some time. This lady then ask what I was doing in Cj, said that she's a lecturer from IIUM. She had come all the way to get this special bread that the family like to have for dinner and lunch. Roti Arab of some sort? She had taken out a few from the plastic bag and showed them to me and I touched it, am not sure if it was appropriate to touch others' food but they were wrapped in plastic, assume it's alright.
Moral of the story?
I don't know.
Talking to a stranger could be fun?
She kinda made my day for whatever reason.
Her food was ready then, we shook hands and she took off with her fiery red JLB Merc.
Green building in the picture? That's where am staying as of now.